acceptability criterion

критерий за годност

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  • acceptability — noun a) The quality of being acceptable; acceptableness. Acceptability of repentance. Jeremy Taylor, about 1640 b) Operation plan review criterion. The determination as to whether the contemplated course of action is worth the cost in manpower,… …   Wiktionary

  • acceptability — Operation plan review criterion. The determination as to whether the contemplated course of action is worth the cost in manpower, materiel, and time involved; is consistent with the law of war; and is militarily and politically supportable. See… …   Military dictionary

  • criterion — noun (plural criteria; also rions) Etymology: Greek kritērion, from krinein to judge, decide more at certain Date: 1622 1. a standard on which a judgment or decision may be based 2. a characterizing mark or trait Synonyms: see standard …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • noise criterion — (NC),    noise rating (NR)    units used in enginering to measure the acceptability of sound levels in enclosed spaces. The noise rating (NR) system was introduced by Kosten and van Os in 1962. Numerically, the NR rating is equal to the sound… …   Dictionary of units of measurement

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